Off to the gym? What could you be doing pre and post workout to improve your performance?

Whether you’re going to run on the treadmill, take a pilates class or about to do a heavy cross fit session, you could be doing more during pre and post workout to improve your performance and to see better results.

We’re all told to warm up before exercise and the reasons for this are obvious enough, as going into a workout cold is asking for injuries.

If you’re young and fit and bouncy you will no doubt be getting away with no or less injuries, but for those of us that are not quite as supple as we once were, we really have no choice but to be sensible and warm up before exercise. But then, if you haven’t experienced sore, pulled or sprained muscles, then you’re either very lucky or you’ve decided to train at a very easy going pace.

Lets look at the options in terms of using professional products that can add to the usual jogging on the spot and stretching routine.

Pre and post workout products

As well as stretching your muscles it is proven to be beneficial to massage. There is of course the option to visit your local sports massage therapist, but if you want to do this for yourself (self-myofascial release) then here are the products you can have at home or in your kit bag.

Foam Rollers

Target trigger points and tense muscles by rolling different parts of your body over the surface of the foam roller. Help relieve tension and improve blood circulation by stretching and massaging to improve flexibility, stability and sports performance. Applications include general fitness, sports rehabilitation, physiotherapy, Pilates and yoga.

66fit High Density Foam Roller

Massage Balls

Robust, therapeutic balls specifically designed to stimulate blood circulation, massage muscles relieve tension.

66fit Spiky Massage Balls

Massage Sticks

Ideal for targeting trigger points and penetrate specific muscles. Used before and after exercise to increase blood circulation. Help to reduce muscle soreness, aches and pains. Suitable for massaging quads, calves, legs, thighs, arms, ITB, hamstrings, achilles, neck and shoulders.

66fit Massage Stick

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