Rocker Boards and Balance Boards

Rocker Boards and Balance Boards

bp-a80203p8-p08The difference between Rocker Boards and Balance/Wobble Boards is that Rocker Boards will only rock either forwards or backwards, or side to side, depending on how you position the board. Balance Boards, also called Wobble Boards, on the other hand are available with various degrees of tilt angle on a domed base and so are able to rock throughout all directions and can help retrain your sense of balance after injury, preventing further injury and ensuring a speedy return to sport. Rocker Boards form a useful adjunct to posture improvement as well as abdominal and trunk strengthening along with increasing tone in the quadriceps, hamstrings and calf muscles. Anyone who has undergone knee surgery would benefit from proprioceptive re-education, including cartilage and ligament operations as well as anybody with arthritic joints. bp-jt-40488-p01

What Wobble / Rocker Board do I require?

Studies show that for every age group and fitness level, balance training helps prevent falls and injuries.  Wobble and Rocker Boards are excellent for improving balance, co-ordination and confidence. There are various types of Wobble and Rocker Boards on the market and they are available in different sizes with different levels of difficulties. Please view the information below so you can decide what type of board your require:

66fit 36cm Plastic Wobble Board – Recommended for early and intermediate stages of rehabilitation (and children)

66fit 40cm Wooden Wobble Board – Recommended for intermediate to advanced users.

66fit 45cm Wooden Wobble/Rocker Board Set – Ideal for ALL levels of user.

66fit 50cm PVC Wooden Wobble Board – Recommended for beginner to intermediate users.

66fit 50cm PVC Wooden Rocker Board – Recommended for beginners and early stage rehabilitation.

In addition to the above we also have the 66fit Balance and Core Round Air Dome which has been designed to integrate balance, fitness, sport performance and rehabilitation and is a combination of a wobble board and gym ball. A multitude of exercises can be carried out using the Balance and Core Dome. We also have the 66fit Balance Pad which is a much softer version of stabilisation and balance training: ideal if you are recovering from an ankle injury. The balance pad is manufactured from a closed cell foam with a non-slip easy clean surface. The ‘unstable’ surface of the pad makes it ideal for working on posture, balance and standing stability either alone or in conjunction with other forms of exercise. For further information please visit For more information on our entire range of Wobble Board and Balance Cushions please see our website where you can read details alongside the products themselves or you can contact us via telephone, email, or through our Social Media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram . You can also join in the conversations in our LinkedIn Group for professionals.

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