Fast-tracking recovery periods is here, didn’t you know?

In the ever distressing times of injuries there is always the feeling of missing out present. The thought of not training, playing, competing, always casts a shadow in athletes’ lives. So as a master of recovery methods, it might be worth asking yourself this question: ‘Could you do that little bit more to help get these people back on track sooner?’

Now I am fully aware that you cannot rush the body’s natural processes as it will be “done when it is done”. This being said, could you not encourage it?

Let’s take a typical injury from a sporting environment, an ankle sprain. 2 weeks down the line, after the main bulk of the natural recovery process has taken effect, you can start to look at rebuilding.

A point I would like to make now is that I am fully aware of the conversations being had about rehabilitating athletes as close to their normal ground-type as possible.

As a therapist you’re thinking about beginning the strength-building stage and want to give the athlete/individual something small, something easy to do at home while they are away from your care. Keep the fun stuff to the clinic or gym, let the individual take the alternative exercises home to work on. Here is a great example of “homework” for recovering from an ankle sprain:


Asking the individual to perform balancing exercises on the 66fit TPE Balance Pad will undoubtedly provide a benefit.

With the amount of work the musculature will undertake, the increase of blood flow and neural signals will help promote activity in the areas needed. If we are asking the body to work on rebuilding the ankle, and then training the ankle to be stronger, what better way to “sneak” in this type of work?

Maybe this exercise could be the one thing that can cut the ankle recovery period down a week or 2? Maybe you can demonstrate the quality of service you offer as a therapist by giving the individual extra work outside of the clinic? Either way, I think adding this exercise to your rehab programme is a great idea for everyone!


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