Home Workout with the 66fit Multi Function Step Board

With the weather making a turn for the worst and the frost is slowly starting to appear we’re all guilty of cranking up the central heating or finally switching it on! But why not try a simple home workout with one piece of equipment?

The aerobic stepper dates back to late 80’s when Gin Miller developed the first stepper after a knee injury and approached an orthopedic doctor who recommended that she stepped up and down on a milk crate to strengthen the muscles around the knee, from this she developed the step régime.

The 66fit Multi Functional Step Board is a variation on the classic aerobic step by adding three additional features other than a raised platform. The stepper features:

  1. Single level elevated platform
  2. Rocker Board attachments
  3. Balance Board attachment
  4. Angled feet attachments

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Steps, moves and techniques

A ‘basic’ step involves stepping a single foot first on the step then the other on top of the platform and then stepping the first foot back on the floor followed by the second foot. Many instructors will switch between different techniques and keep the tempo and frequency higher which forces people to ‘tap’ their foot instead of shifting their weight. This requires a bit of forward planning and foresight by the instructor to keep the movements fluent and switching movements feel more natural.

Common Movements Include:bp-745tr-p01

  • Basic Step
  • T-Step
  • Side Step
  • V-Step
  • Step up with knee raise
  • L-Step
  • Lunges

As the 66fit Multi Functional Step Board has more attachments you can add more exercises and movements to a workout – you could add:

  • Elevated Press ups
  • Calf stretches
  • Balanced Press Ups
  • Angled lunges
  • Squats on the wobble board



All in all, the 66fit Multi Functional Stepper is a versatile ‘4 in 1’ product ideal for upper and lower body workouts, so if you wanted to try a simple home workout but struggle to find space this compact product might just be what the doctor ordered.

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