66fit Twist and Flex Resistance Bar – Is it for me?

tf-bar-p02With various massage and therapy products out on the market it’s hard to get lost in the mix to find the right product. ‘Do I need a ball, a stick or even a hand grip trainer? And even after I’ve decided then what kind?’

Hand therapy products can come in all shapes and sizes varied from hand grip trainers to hand therapy putty or even silicone therapy balls.

Our flexible exercise bar has been specifically designed to be a cost-effective exercise and/or rehabilitation aid which can be used to exercise hand, wrist, finger and forearm muscles to increase mobilisation or to strengthen and improve your grip.


So how does it work?


By simply bending, squeezing and twisting the bar muscles are effectively mobilised, strengthened and massaged. The exercise bar shall result in increased soft tissue, joint mobilisation and finger flexion. Also, the flex resistance bar has proven effective non-invasive treatment for tennis elbow by improving elbow mobility and improves flexion.






How do I choose the right exercise bar?

The 66fit Flexibar is available in three colour coded progressive resistance strengths starting from Light (Yellow) Medium (Green) and Heavy (Red). Each bar measures 31cm in length and has a ridged surface for enhanced grip during use.

The ridged surface can also be used effectively on the feet to stretch out and massage the plantar fascia area.

Why not join in the conversation online on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or Instagram? We shall also be demonstrating the 66fit Flex and Twist Resistance Bar at the Therapy Expo at the NEC, Birmingham on the 23rd and 24th of November 2016. Stand No. TE14.

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