RumbleRoller Recommendations

RumbleRoller Recommendations

During March we received a total of four fantastic RumbleRoller recommendations from professionals via our LinkedIn Company Profile. We really do appreciate the time these busy Physiotherapists have put into evaluating the product to provide such great feedback for YOU our valued customers.

Joe Hinnigan RumbleRoller Recommendation

Andy Barker RumbleRoller Recommendation

Charlotte Belford RumbleRoller Recommendation

Neil Sullivan RumbleRoller Recommendation


Do the bumps flatten out over time?
No, the bumps permanently retain their shape and resiliency. If you look closely at the surface of a used RumbleRoller, you may see tiny little wrinkles on the bumps, but they don’t effect its performance.

Why is the RumbleRoller more expensive than other rollers?
The RumbleRoller is a more durable product that’s built from higher quality materials. It doesn’t break down and doesn’t need periodic replacement like conventional foam rollers, so it’s a smarter long-term investment.

Is the center of the RumbleRoller hollow?
No, the RumbleRoller has a solid core made from a resilient grade of high-density EVA foam. The core and outer shell were both carefully engineered to give the RumbleRoller maximum durability and optimal feel.

RumbleRoller Recommendation
Rumble Roller Original Blue – Compact Size 12.5cm x 30cm

Should I buy the Full-size or Compact RumbleRoller?
The larger surface area of the Full-size RumbleRoller gives you a lot more room for turning and twisting movements and for transitioning between different exercises. If you plan to keep your RumbleRoller in one location (e.g. at home) and have the space for it, we definitely recommend the Full-size model. But if you plan to travel with your RumbleRoller or keep it in your gym bag, go with the Compact.



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