The Rooboard

The Rooboard

PhysioSupplies would like to introduce you to the new Rooboard. Currently only available from our UK store but coming soon to PhysioSupplies Australia.

The Rooboard
Rooboard Balance Board and Core Trainer

The Rooboard is a unique and innovative balance trainer that also doubles as a platform for explosive exercises and core strengthening.

Designed by a surfer for surfing specific fitness and travel training, the Rooboard creates the necessary instability and tension to force you to engage your core and stabiliser muscles as you perform a huge selection of exercises. This means you can train your whole body quickly and effectively.

As well as improving balance and stability you will increase core strength, build muscle and power and achieve perfect muscular symmetry. The Rooboard can also be used as a slant board for stretching exercises to increase range of motion, dynamic balance and help to prevent injury.

Features of the Rooboard Balance Trainer

•       Can be used as a balance board, fitness platform, slant board and activity disc.
•       Extremely durable and very portable at only 30cm in length and 550 grams.
•       Perfect for body weight training, CrossFit, Met Con and HIIT sessions.
•       Use to increase strength and fitness, build a powerful and strong core, correct imbalances and achieve perfect muscular symmetry and posture.
•       Made from solid Polypropylene and high density EVA foam. The non-slip closed cell EVA foam grip is indented into and raised 3mm above the deck for comfort and extra control.

The Rooboard

The Rooboard is also being used by professionals in the field of rehabilitation. Its small size and usability makes it ideal for a number of range of motion and strengthening exercises. It can also be used under the desk at work or while performing other tasks.

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