Personal Training

Personal Training

There are many reasons you might benefit from having a personal trainer (PT). Maybe you don’t know where to start or you’re not seeing any results from your own exercise routine. Perhaps you find it hard to motivate yourself and you need to be challenged, or you are training for a specific event. It may be that you have a specific health condition that that you need to work on or with, or that you prefer to workout from home.

What ever the reason, there is a lot to be gained by having a PT at your side, giving you both the motivation you need and accountability for your actions. Not only will you have a professional trainer making sure that you are approaching each exercise in a safe way, but also ensuring that you are getting the most out of your workout.

Choosing to hire a PT will improve your chances of achieving your goals at a much faster rate. They will not only direct you in the ‘what, how and why’ of exercising, but also help you ensure your lifestyle is in line with completing your goals.

When choosing a personal trainer remember that it is an investment and like all investments, you want to be sure its a good choice before you sign to seal the deal. So what are things you should look out for when choosing your PT?

  • Qualifications and education: Ideally you would like to find a PT that is NCCA accredited, however having a degree in educational science shows that they have been educated in exercise program design and have a solid understanding of the human anatomy from a personal training perspective.
  • Areas of specialization: If you have specific goals in mind, for example weight loss or muscle gain, or you have a health condition that limits your abilities then it is a good idea to find a PT that specializes in these areas.
  • Previous experience: Find out how much experience they have as a PT and ask for specifics; How many clients they have had, what sort of goals have they helped clients achieve.
  • What do they charge? Find out what their rates are compare this with other PTs in your local area.
  • References and reviews: It is not unreasonable to ask for references or reviews. After all it is your money and time you are spending, so you want to know that it is going towards a good thing.
  • Personal liability insurance: If the PT you are considering operates independently then it is a good idea to ask them if they carry professional liability insurance and ask for details and proof.
  • Rapport: Quite simply, is this someone you can work with? This may also mean questioning whether this person is going to be able to motivate you in an affective way. Its important to have a PT that you can not only talk to, but also one that you feel will be able to push you in a way that you will respond to positively.

There are several key pieces of equipment that most fitness instructors use to enhance the personal training session.

These include:

Jump Rope for Personal Training
Personal Training with a 66fit Jump Rope.


  • Skipping Rope: Skipping is a fantastic way of getting your cardiovascular system pumping as well as warming your body up. Great to be used at the beginning of a personal training session or for interval training.
  • Exercise Band: This is a diverse piece of fitness equipment that can be used for both strengthening or stretching in both the core and the limbs. They are suitable for people of all fitness levels and are light and easy to store.
  • Slam Ball: Ideal for core  strengthening and developing explosive strength, these balls improve strength, speed, stamina and coordination.

    The new 66fit Slam Ball, ideal for Personal Training
    The new 66fit Slam Ball
  • Dumbbells: Great for fitness and aerobic training, dumbbells add an extra load when practicing exercises such as squats, lunges and deadlifts.
  • Adjustable Door Gym: (Or suspended straps) Is useful for any PT because they can instruct a comprehensive workout, using bodyweight resistance training, from any room or building that has a solid door.
  • Multi-Function Step Board: This diverse piece of equipment is fantastic for personal training because it provides 4 pieces of equipment in one, which means less to transport around. It can be used as either a stepping board to enhance aerobic exercise, an angle stretch board for stretching out your calf and hamstrings, or a rocker board or stability board to utilize balance and stability practices.

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