66fit Multi Function Exercise Board

66fit Multi Function Exercise Board – A review by Alana Andrews.

Alana Andrews is an ex professional dancer who after many years on the stage understands the importance of being fit and having a clean diet. You can find her web page here, and this is her review of our 66fit Multi Function Exercise Board.

“I Love the versatility of this product. Initially it appears to be a handy little step for workouts but flip it over and you have a Meccano set of fun.

At first I used it as a step for stretching and strengthening calves and for over splits when stretching hamstrings. It’s great for people recovering from a knee injury as the step isn’t too high but high enough to start building strength and stability.

One swap of the under pieces and you get a forward and back rocking motion. This takes away some of the stability of the flat pieces. Being able to rock forward and back while you are standing on it helps get movement into your ankles and engages your core. Adding hand weights and trying to find your balance is great for body awareness and core stability.

A simple swap out of the bottom pieces and it becomes a balance board. I find that this is where you an get a great core workout. You are able to stand on it and squat or for something more challenging try one legged squats, you can do push ups,  prone holds, prone hold twists…. This list is endless. Don’t be fooled, it’s like no other balance board, there is no flat spot, the dome is completely round.

The handles clip in and out so you can choose if you want to hold on or not. This is great for people who find they get sore wrists when they are flexed.

I love the 66fit multi function exercise board, I use it myself for something extra when doing body weight sessions and also for my PT clients and dance students. It’s super versatile, easy to move around and doesn’t take up loads of room when not in use.”

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