Let’s equip our “Keyboard Warriors” with better ammo!

If you’re a therapist like me, your most common findings with members of the public who have office jobs might be issues like shortened hamstrings, tight hip flexors, and under-active glutes? Something that we are passionate about helping with, but find it difficult to make time for the client to work on the exercises you’ve prescribed, due to their busy lifestyles?

Why not provide the clients with some tools to take with them to work? What if you could integrate some mobility work with sitting at the desk and working?

Something I have found that provides relief in these typically tight/weak regions is lacrosse ball myofascial release whilst sitting at the desk!

66fit Spiky Massage BallsPlacing a 66fit Acupressure Trigger Point Massage Ball underneath the origin of the hamstring, having a slow roll across the connection points, and straightening and relaxing the leg could provide the client with a head start towards their treatment towards their ever-annoying ailments!

The massage ball work doesn’t just have to stop at the hamstrings either!

Upper glutes are a commonly tight area with people working in offices, and taking a small break to lie on the floor and attack this region could provide the client with a much better working condition, so they can stop being distracted by their discomfort and keep being productive with their day!

These 2 exercises using the 66fit Acupressure Trigger Point Massage Ball could give your client relief whilst at work, so when they come in to the clinic or gym for the main bulk of their programme, they are more positive, and in better condition to get some good work done!

This is a guest post written by Tom Colwill at Valentis Academy – check him out on Facebook, Twitter and ValentisAcademy.com

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