Killer Abs, Cardio and Core Strength

Killer Abs, Cardio and Core Strength

I want a 6 pack…. Not of beer; 6 pack killer abs.

Hands up who else occasionally daydreams about having killer abs? I don’t care if you’re male or female; at some stage I bet you will have seen some that make your jaw drop and thought, “Yeah, I could do with a set of those….”

The problem is though, actually obtaining said killer abs is hard work. It explains why that guy friend will just paint abs on his stomach at costume parties and why your dad would rather drink a six pack while wearing that apron with the body he could have at the BBQ. It’s just easier that way.

66fit Ab Roller for killer abs
66fit Ab Roller

The owners of the killer abs I want are pictured dripping in sweat, presumably after a hard workout at the rugged school-of-hard-knocks gym on my “fitness” searches on Pinterest.  I’ll also find them on the bodies of my favourite athletes.  These people inspire me, and I seriously wonder how they do it – because nobody is born that way!

According to my PT, obtaining killer abs means committing to a whole new routine. And for some people, their entire world gets flipped upside down. It requires dedication to at least 45 mins of exercise once or twice a day several times a week, swapping “bad” food with “good” food and sticking to this routine for at least 12 weeks.

Killer abs demand more than 100 sit ups, 20 push ups, 50 burpees and the longest plank you’ll ever do in your life each day. These are all good for you and will probably help, but your abs won’t pop out any quicker because you’re not burning fat, you’re just strengthening the muscles… Killer abs demand more than any core strength challenge you’ll ever do, because you know what killer abs feed off most?


Ask any PT. Fat burning, muscle aching, breath taking, sweat dripping cardio. Running, swimming, cycling, star jumps, hula-hooping, kickboxing – pick your poison. Anything that raises your heart rate for more than 45 mins, will decrease your body fat to eventually reveal your killer abs.

66fit Balance Pods
66fit Balance Pods

Some people are prepared to take on that challenge. For others, simply getting out for a brisk walk might be an achievement in itself and that’s ok too – because everyone has to start somewhere.

My PT also told me that a good way to start your killer abs is to work on your core. Core muscles include the abs, but also your lumbar spine and muscles in and around your hips – especially your pelvic floor. The core is responsible for supporting your spine and your pelvis while you go about your daily business and it is believed that a strong core attributes to great posture, balance, and greater support of your lower back – all GREAT foundations for the visual killer abs that you’re working towards.

Tools you can use to get started range from simply sitting on a gym ball at your desk at work or you can also sit on an inflatable cushion. At home, you can use our 66fit ab roller, or exercises on our 66fit air step balance dome, wobble cushions or balance pods. All our equipment comes with instructional DVD’s or brochures to help you get the most out of your purchase.

There’s a whole range of other things you can do for your core out there, so check in with a PT or your local physio to get some advice.

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