Easter Health

Easter Health

So it is coming up to that time of the year again when we all have an excuse to enjoy those delicious egg shaped chocolates!  But it is important to have a plan of attack in relation to keeping yourself healthy during this period when the supermarket shelves are stocked high with temptations.

Everyone loves chocolate, and when it is gifted to you by family and friends how can you say no? No one loves the extra pounds that often come from it though, so keeping a positive attitude and a healthy exercise and diet plan will help you stay on track and prevent that sickly, lethargic regret period that often comes after Easter.

So when you are considering your exercise routine, make sure you are increasing your cardio or aerobic workouts, because you need these to work off all the extra empty calories you will be munching on. There are many fantastic ways in which you can incorporate cardio into your routine.

Bike riding: Bike riding is a great way to get your heart pumping and your body burning fuel, you can swap out your car for your bike when making shorter trips (maybe even to work?) or pack the bike up and take it into the wilderness to get some fresh air with your exercise. If outdoor riding isn’t you thing, then being in a room with upbeat music and team support might be, so try a spinning class!

Swimming: We are coming out of that colder period and into the warmer months, so swimming might be an option. It is another fantastic way to get you heart rate up, as long as you keep moving! If you swimming laps doesn’t appeal to you then consider taking up a water aerobics class as a way of incorporating more cardio into your week.

Jogging: It might not be for everyone, but jogging is a fantastic way of shedding off any extra pounds and with no equipment required, this is an option is available to everyone.

Easter Health
66fit Mini Trampoline

Trampolining: Spring into Easter with your heart racing and a smile on your face. With so many different workout routines available that utilise trampolining, you are ‘bound’ to find one that you enjoy!

Zumba class: Zumba and other dance classes are an enjoyable way to get your body moving, your heart racing and burn off all those chocolates whilst you get down to some of your favourite music tracks.

It’s not just about exercise though, if you are enjoying some extra chocolate in your diet then it is a good idea to look at what else you are eating and make sure that you are not getting too many other empty calories from your daily meals. It is also important that you keep your diet healthy and nutrient rich, so make sure you are incorporating a balanced combination of the following foods:

Complex carbohydrates from whole grain products, brown rice, beans and green leafy vegetables.

Complete proteins from lean meats, dairy, nuts, seeds, soy products, dairy products and fruits and vegetables.

Vitamins and minerals: Though you receive some vitamins and minerals from all food products, eating plenty of fruits and vegetables is a great way of ensuring you have most of your bases covered.

Also with all the extra aerobic exercise you will be incorporating it is even more important to make sure that you are drinking plenty of water to keep hydrated!

Have fun this Easter but also make the most of it to gain some extra motivation and to reflect upon your diet and exercise routines. You never know, you may just find that you improve them in a way that you enjoy!

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