Crossfit-Benefits of Competitive Training

Crossfit-Benefits of Competitive Training.

A bit of healthy competition can be just what you need to motivate you to get up and smash out your heaviest set, or highest number of box jumps. That’s one of the many advantages Crossfit offers that make it so popular and effective. Not only are you working on increasing your strength and fitness, but you are also competing on a friendly level with a group of people who are all striving towards the same goals. When you participate in competitive training in a structured class, such as Cross fit, you also have the advantage of one or more instructors working with you, pushing you to achieve your best.

66fit Resistance Bands.

Support: Having a workout buddy, or buddies, is a fantastic means of supporting your decision to improve on your overall fitness. Not only can you carpool, or walk/ride to the gym together, you can also have like minded people to support you and congratulate you on your efforts. They will be able to notice the pounds you have shed, or your biceps beginning to bulge, and they know how hard you have been working to achieve it!

Motivation: People notice when you don’t turn up to Crossfit, and they are going to ask why you missed a day, so you might want to think twice about skipping a workout day because you would rather stay at home and watch G.O.T! This kind of support really motivates each and every person who is a part of the ‘team’ to get up and get at it! Let’s not forget the added motivation of wanting to get your moneys worth, you paid for it, so you will want to make it worth your while!

Instruction: It is important to have good instruction when you are working towards achieving specific goals. The instructor will know the best ways of achieving your goals, and they will make sure you are going about it in a safe way. Not only do you have qualified and experienced instructors guiding you and supporting you along the way, you also have your other classmates cheering you on. The more you practice the more you will improve and the safer you will be if you chose to continue your workout efforts at home.

Charted Improvement: One of the key benefits that Crossfit offers, is a chartered record of your progression, as well as everyone else’s. Every workout is timed and recorded, which ensures you are pushing yourself as hard as you can right to the very last second of a workout. Often Crossfit will have a monthly re-do of a set workout, so that you can visibly see how you have improved over that period of time.

Socialising: When participating in competitive training, you are interacting with other people with similar fitness goals and aspirations. These are the kind of people you want to be hanging around with outside of gym time as they will help support and encourage you in other areas of your life.

There are also hundreds of different Crossfit and competitive training apps available which enable you to bring all the benefits of healthy competition to the comfort of your own home. These different apps allow you to choose, and follow set workouts on specific days of the week, as well as record your results so that they are visible to others also participating in the competitive training. They often have chat forums available to ask questions and gain more support and motivation. All you need is one of these apps and a few key pieces of equipment such as a skipping rope, a resistance band and possibly even a slam ball. With these simple things in your possession you are on your way to achieving results from the comfort of your own home!

If you are serious about achieving your fitness goals, then consider utilising competitive training classes and apps to help push yourself in the right direction. Because when you commit yourself to group competitive training, such as Crossfit, you have all the support, guidance, and motivation needed to ensure you don’t wander off the path towards your goals.


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