Blood Pressure and Aerobic Exercise.

Blood Pressure and Aerobic Exercise

Sitting here pondering on whether or not I should pay a visit to the quack because of my high blood pressure got me thinking that a little “Googling” may enlighten me as to some things I could do to help relieve the problem.

Well according to Google, apart from the most well known causes such as stress and lack of exercise there can also be hereditary and dietary reasons for high blood pressure and the risk also increases with age. But, getting some exercise can make a big difference to your life especially if your blood pressure is already high. You don’t need to go out and run a marathon or even join a gym, you can just build a little mild exercise into your daily routine such as taking a brisk walk in the evening or cycling to work. Actually the link between blood pressure and exercise is quite simple – Regular physical activity makes your heart stronger which means that it can pump more blood using less effort. When your heart is working less hard to pump the blood, the force on your arteries is decreased which in turn lowers your blood pressure. If your blood pressure is at a normal level, for most people that means it will be around 120/80 mm mercury and taking regular exercise should help to keep it from rising as the years creep up on me….. Er… You!! This regular exercise will also help to maintain a healthy weight which is another reason for an increase in blood pressure. Two birds, one stone, how about that!!

66fit Aerobic Step - Cardiovascular help to Lower Blood Pressure
66fit Aerobic Step

To help control high blood pressure you need an aerobic activity, that is one that increases your heart and breathing rates such as walking, cycling, swimming, climbing stairs etc., and here at PhysioSupplies we supply a range of items that are designed for aerobic exercises such as the 66fit aerobic step to help you avoid wearing out your expensive stair carpet while you exercise. The 66fit Aerobic Step is a 2 level height adjustable stepper so that you can increase the level of intensity of your workout. It is easily adjustable so using the 66fit aerobic stepper you will be able to to improve your cardiovascular strength and stamina and therefore decrease the force on your arteries.

Cardiovascular Exercise with the 66fit Aerobic Step
Cardiovascular Exercise

But I digress, I wasn’t actually looking for exercise routines, I was looking at fruit juice because for me it is far more enjoyable and I have a huge bag of Ruby Red Grapefruit sitting in the kitchen. Would you believe it is perfect, far better than the yellow variety of grapefruit because it is fully saturated with anti oxidants and nutrients that help in removing cholesterol. Once you start getting rid of your cholesterol the chances that you will get high blood pressure are reduced enormously and you can even keep away from some other really serious heart diseases as well. Sorted!!

Maybe we should start selling ruby red grapefruit?

See more product photos (excluding grapefruit) on our Pinterest page.

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