Introducing – The Back Nodger

The Back Nodger

The Back Nodger feels amazing – It’s been designed by experts as a pressure massager – a portable version of a masseur’s thumbs!

Anyone who’s ever had those aching knots or niggles in tense shoulders, a stiff neck or suffered from a bad back, will welcome a good Nodging.

The Back Nodger
The Back Nodger is an instant relief self-massager that releases knots all over your body, by allowing you to apply deep and precise pressure into them to help them relax.

These annoying little set-backs are all too familiar to most of us and arise from simple everyday activities like sitting at a computer, overdoing the exercise or running about after the kids. And try as you might to circle your shoulders or contort your body to reach around and get rid of the tension, it usually ends in frustration! (or just begging a partner for a massage) NOT ANY MORE! With the Back Nodger you can instantly relieve knots and muscle tension all over your body.

By allowing you to apply deep and precise pressure into your own knots, you help them to relax, a bit like you’d expect a pair of trained hands to feel.

So, grab a Nodger today and give those aching knots a Nodging! Using the Back Nodger should feel like someone sticking their thumb into a tender area of your muscle.

One that you know needs a good Nodging. It’s normal to be a little sore at first. The muscles are tight and will be pulling on connective ligaments and tendons surrounding them.

Using the Back Nodger will help loosen off the knots and strip away the discomfort in minutes.

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