66fit Twin Ab Roller Set – Product Review

66fit Twin Ab Roller Set – Product Review

Physio Supplies Australia has recently received this product review of the 66fit Twin Ab Roller Set from Dr. Chris Talbot who is one of our “Brand Ambassadors” in Australia.

Dr. Chris Talbot is well positioned to make such observations as you can see from his qualifications below:

Dr. Chris Talbot – Blue Phoenix (Brand Ambassador)
2014 Mr Pole Dance Australia
2014 INBA Melbourne Male Fitness Model Champion
2012 INBA Brisbane and NPBB Male Fitness Model Champion

The full 66fit Twin Ab Roller review is below:

66fit Twin Ab Roller
66fit Twin Ab Roller

“I have found the 66fit Twin Ab Roller Set the perfect way to deliver a deeply intense core and chest workout for myself and my clients. The raised, thick handles make push-ups more comfortable for those with touchy wrist joints and the rollers make sliding across different gym floor surfaces much easier and smoother. Sliding the rollers in different directions and planes has resulted in some killer body weight resistance workouts, whilst the safety guards allow for a range of sturdy, stationary exercises to be carried out without the worry of the rollers sliding away. The foam knee pad is a nice added bonus too for clients executing sliding exercises or with sensitive backs/knees. It’s a fantastic addition to any body weight training program, especially where core control and strength is the focus and also for exercising in limited space.”

Try it for yourself

Should you wish to try this product out for yourself you can purchase in Australia by clicking on the image above or just use the following links for the United Kingdom or Germany.

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