66fit Air Step Oval Balance Dome & DVD

66fit Air Step Oval Balance Dome & DVD

The 66fit Air Step Oval Balance Dome has been designed to integrate balance, fitness, sport performance and rehabilitation and is a combination of a wobble board and gym ball, so a multitude of exercises can be carried out using the Air Step Oval Balance Dome.

66fit Air Step Oval Balance Dome & DVD
66fit Air Step Oval Balance Dome

The 66fit Air Step Oval Balance Dome comes with a FREE instructional DVD which guides you through a wide range of exercises which covers the lower body, core and upper body, giving you clear instructional information on how to perform the exercises correctly and is demonstrated by a professional personal trainer.

Designed to increase balance and build core stability.

The Air Step Oval Balance Dome has a heavy duty plastic base and can be used for balance exercises on both sides for different exercises once the more simple exercises are mastered.

Dimensions: Dia: 55cm x  H: 23cm


  • x2 Attachable tubing with handles
  • x1 Hand pump
  • Exercise leaflet
  • Instructional DVD with 30 exercises

The instructional DVD is a comprehensive DVD that demonstrates how to use the 66fit Air Step Oval Balance Dome safely, and takes you through a range of 30 different exercises. Also included on the DVD is a wide range of exercises using the following balance equipment available from Physiosupplies.com

66fit Wobble Boards
66fit Rocker Board
66fit Multi Adjustable Slant Board
66fit Balance Pad
66fit Wobble Cushion
66fit Trapezoid Balance Beam

In total there are over 130 exercises being demonstrated using 66fit balance equipment.

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